Come on, Alek, Everyone Does it

So there I was, in a foreign country, with a job I hated, knowing very few people and rarely getting to spend time with the woman I had moved across the ocean to be with.

I was at a house party after a shift one night having a few beers when Katie, another server, passed me a pipe. I thought it was pot, which I had smoked with the other servers a few times. It helped me relax and unwind after a long shift and helped me sleep better. I gladly accepted the pipe and took a hit.

As I said, I had tried pot before, so I could tell that this was something different. It tasted different, for one. Then, once I noticed the different flavor, I examined what was in the pipe more closely. Instead of the green vegetation of marijuana, the pipe contained a black, sticky substance.

“What is this?” I asked Katie, confused.

“Just try it, you’ll like it!” she giggled. “Come on, Alek. Everyone does it, it’s no big deal.”

So I took a few more hits.

It felt different from marijuana, too. A hit of pot didn’t affect me too strongly and just made me mellow out a little bit. After smoking the black goo, I felt euphoric. I just felt extremely happy, like all the chemicals in my brain were connecting the right way, and I felt so much pleasure just sitting still on the couch. When the surge of happiness passed, I was left with a pleasant floating sensation.

I had a suspicion of what the substance was but didn’t want to ask to confirm it.

The next night, I hung out with Katie and her friends again after work and asked if she had any more of that black stuff.

Soon Katie and I were spending a lot of time together, both before and after work, getting high on the black stuff. I finally asked what it was, and was unsurprised when I found out for sure was heroin. Before the party the other night after work, I had never seen the stuff before, or known anyone who had tried it. My knowledge of it was limited to what I had learned in school: that it was black and gooey, you could smoke it, and that it was highly addictive and could be dangerous.

But by then, it was too late. I liked it so much that I didn’t care what it was.

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